Leselrätsel 1/ reading riddle 1

Especially for kids it is important to know the names of animals in a foreign language. Why? Because kids love animals!

This little worksheet helps to memorize the names of animals but also local prepositions, such as unter (under), über (above), neben (besides)….

Cut out the animal squares (first page). Then your student has to read the sentences (next page).

On the third page he/she needs to place the animals on the correct squares.

  1. The cow is in the second row on the right. – Die Kuh liegt rechts in der zweiten Reihe.
  2. The grey mouse is under the cow.- Die graue Maus liegt unter der Kuh.
  3. The colourful owl is above the cow. – Die bunte Eule liegt über der Kuh.
  4. Beside the owl is the pink pig.- Neben der Eule liegt das pinke Schwein.
  5. The brown dog is beside the mouse.- Der braune Hund liegt neben der Maus.
  6. Above the brown dog is the hedgehog.-Über dem braunen Hund liegt der Igel.
  7. On the left beside the hedgehog is the elephant.- Links neben dem Igel liegt der Elefant.
  8. The brown squirrel is above the elephant. –  Über dem Elefant liegt das braune Eichhörnchen.
  9. Below the hedgehog is the grey cat.-  Unter dem Igel liegt die graue Katze.


leseratsel-arbeitsblatt-page-001Click here for a pdf version. 



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