Reading is important, while learning a language!

A book is like a garden, carried in the pocket. – Chinese proverb.


Reading expands knowledge. However, nowadays TV, Internet, ipads and game consoles seem to take over the classic evening reading routine.  But why is it so important to encourage children to read?

  • It increases a child’s vocabulary as well as their understanding of new words.
  • It improves a child’s grammar and writing skills. Your student or child also develops important communication skills.
  • It makes them better readers. That’s a given.
  • Reading improves their understanding of the world.
  • It might even have a profound effect on your student’s future school success.
  • Reading also develops a child’s creativity and imagination.

Bilingualism and reading

Most children are able to learn two languages at once. Hence enjoyable literacy activities are a useful tool to accelerate and improve your student’s vocabulary growth. It is important that you make reading as fun as possible for your students! It is best to let your students choose a reading activity or book. By doing so, they can follow their own interests which makes the activity more engaging.

Use the following worksheet to improve your student’s German vocabulary knowledge and word usage.

Click here for a pdf version of the Steckbrief worksheet.

steckbrief-page-001Steckbrief (profile)
Lese die Texte und beantworte die Fragen.
Read the texts and answer the questions.

Hallo! Ich heiße Frida. Ich bin 7 Jahre alt. Ich lebe in einem kleinen Dorf. Hello! My name is Frida. I’m 7 years old. I live in a small village.

Das ist meine Katze. Sie heißt Knöpfchen. This is my cat. She is called Knöpfchen.

Meine Mama ist eine Ärztin. Mein Papa arbeitet als Lehrer.
My mother is a doctor. My dad works as a teacher.

Ich habe eine Schwester. Sie heißt Meike. Mein Bruder heißt Max. Sie sind meine Geschwister. I have a sister. She is called Meike. My brother is called Max. They are my siblings.

Wie alt ist Frida? How old is Frida?
Wo wohnt Frida und ihre Familie? Where does Frida and her family live.
Wie heißt Frida’s Katze? What’s the name of Frida’s cat?
Was machen ihre Eltern beruflich? What are her parents doing for a living?
Wer sind Meike und Max? Who are Meike and Max?



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