Language Learning Apps for children

Language Learning Apps for children: Part 1

Many language learning apps are available but are there any suitable for children?

Learning a new language is not the easiest thing in the world but for children it is less difficult than for adults.  It is especially important to repeat and practice new vocabulary as much as possible.

With the right lessons and the correct amount of exposure to the foreign language, children can learn any language quite quickly.

There are apps for all sort of things out there. Most of them are there to entertain, not to teach.

Yet, foreign language learning apps are specifically designed to increase the exposure to your chosen foreign language. You might have heard of Duolingo before.  It is a great app for adults as it teaches simple sentences and words in pretty much any language.

However, there are also some useful Language learning Apps which were specifically designed for children.

This is the first part of a summary of the best language learning apps for children.

Eli Explorer  

Suitable for ipads and iphones

Eli Explorer offers games for learning words in a foreign language. One can choose from the following languages: German, Italian, English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese and Japanese. This app is absolutely brilliant as it combines the fun one experiences when playing games with language learning. The characters are also very cute!

Nicole and Tommy

Suitable for ipads, iphones and Androids.

This little app teaches basic vocabulary to children. The recommended age group is 4 to 7 years. The games (multiple choice, word games…..)are based upon a subconscious language learning process. It is a great additional tool for teaching another language to children.

German learning for kids

Available for all devices. 

language learning apps

This app offers multiple games that teach your child basic German words. Most of the games are really good fun.

Kinder App: My first words

Available for all devices.

language learning apps

This is a great app, especially for younger children.  Toddlers have to search for objects in different rooms. By touching the objects they can hear the name.  There are three languages to choose from: English, German and Hungarian.

Gus learns German

Available for all devices.

This app is also available in many other languages, not only German. Gus travels around the world and teaches German with enjoyable exercises, games, fun animations and repetitions.



Our book was made with young children in mind and we believe its a great way to introduce them to German Language.

  • 60+ Page Large format Paperback
  • Structured with continuous learning in mind
  • Tested and improved upon in children’s German lessons
  • A brilliant gift for a child at only £4.99 / €5.99 / US$6.99